Game of Thrones season 6 just started

A Game of Thrones: Genesis is a fabulous medieval tale, or so we’re told by the developers. For those who like strategy games this one is different to the usual in that there is a lot more politics and backbiting than swords and war. 

The storyline is filled with depth and reminds us a lot of corporate backstabbing, bribery and seduction. Unfortunately, for those who love the action of conquering enemies and defeating nations, there is very little content to support their bloodlust.

In Genesis you attain victory over other houses mainly through underhand means. There are plenty of methods to use as a weapon. Lying, secret alliances, propaganda, false accusations are just some of the nefarious methods employed to attain your goals. 

You don’t need to use your own military force to conquer. Simply resort to trickery using spies, assassins and the like, with rumours that Sophie Turner will be killed off in season six of Game of Thrones. 

Alliances can be destroyed by rivals who covertly take over cities and towns. You can send your own special units to towns to gain information secretly and uncover possible subterfuge and dissent. You can also arrange marriages to ensure alliances and friendship. So if you’re good at sneakiness and creating uprisings this game is a gem. 

The problem is that this game can become complicated and end up in a long drawn out affair that many of us don’t have the time for. 

Moving Tributes on Prince Death

Once again death plucks a beloved son and music legend too young to be gone. Stunned, shocked, surreal, crushed … these were some of the reaction words following the death of legendary and beloved Prince. It was the least of news one expected. He had just performed a day before his death but now gone for good. A son of Minnesota who never left home had his last journey at a place he loved.

Right from a thrilling performance over the past few days, Prince had promised his fans a new dawn of his music. But unfortunately that will remain as that: a promise.

Those who knew him well, the likes of Madonna to Ne-Yo, would not hold back their shock as the news of Prince’s death surfaced. The world was also shaken to its roots as fans across the globe paid their tribute to a true music icon who has left a big gap that may never be filled. Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Google were awash with condolences from those who knew him and those who were hearing of him for the first time.

Prince ushered many into music both in small and big ways. Though he was controversial at some times, his music was loved far and wide and that is what will remain in the memory of many people. He had made a promise to let his fans know who really he was but just like many music greats, he will remain elusive. Rest in Peace Prince!

Bill Murray And His Greatest Acting Performances In Years Past.

This article will discuss the movies and career of the great actor, Bill Murray. Ever since the late 80s, I have been a huge fan of Bill Murray and have seen practically all of his movies. The man is a comical genius and you are guaranteed for a good laugh (or good movie if it’s not a comedy) as long as he is in it.

In my opinion, the following films have been Bill Murray’s best of his career.

1993 was a great year for movies. One of the best movies to be released in that year was Groundhog Day. According to the Internet Move Database, Groundhog Day is ranked as a top 200 film of all time. I cannot say I disagree with this ranking.Another film that must be mentioned is Ghostbusters. I am too young to know what came first, the cartoon or the movie, but regardless of whether or not it was an original work, I thought the first film was brilliantly executed. Word on the street is there’s a third installment in the works.

It goes without saying that The Royal Tenenbaums makes my list. This is one of Wes Anderon’s biggest triumphs and has a cast consisting of Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Stiller, Gene Hackman, Luke and Owen Wilson, Danny Glover, and of course, Bill Murray.Kingpin is another movie that Bill Murray is brilliant in. He plays the villain in this film and is incredibly hatable. This movie also stars Woody Harrelson, and while it is not a traditional sports film, it is one my favorite sports movies.

It goes without saying that any list of Bill Murray’s best movies has to include Lost In Translation. This Tokyo-based film is directed by Sofia Coppola, who happens to be the daughter of the iconic director, Francis Ford Coppola.It is evident after going through all of Bill Murray’s movies that he has had quite his fair share of great movies.

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